Metaverse Land On Solana Is Also Gaining Value Rapidly


In case you missed it, metaverse land on Solana is soaring in value! Much like their Ethereum counterparts, metaverse platforms on the Solana blockchain are among the best selling NFTs at the present time.

Promo Image from Solana Metaverse 'Portals'
Solana’s ‘Portals’ is the third best-selling metaverse land NFT of the past week. Credit: Portals

Demand For Metaverse Land Stays High

As we’ve recently reported, sales of metaverse land have been booming ever since Facebook’s rebrand. The huge company’s name change to Meta has caused a surge in interest around the metaverse. As a result, the platforms selling virtual land NFTs have seen large growth in sales.

Without a doubt, the most mentioned names are on Ethereum. However, the same trends are happening with metaverse land platforms on Solana. For example, let’s look at the Solana project “Portals”.

Despite only launching on November 27th, Portals is the third best-selling metaverse NFT over the past week. It comes behind the two metaverse powerhouses The Sandbox and Decentraland. As you might guess, those two platforms live on Ethereum.

Screengrab of Magic Eden popular collections, including Portals metaverse land
Portals makes the list of ‘popular collections’ on Magic Eden, a secondary marketplace for Solana NFTs. Credit: Magic Eden

Solana Blockchain Continues To Grow

To be sure, Ethereum NFTs continue their reign as the most well known and talked about in the space. While this may be true, Solana NFTs are slowly but surely closing the gap. As shown above, Portals outperforming many Ethereum metaverse land platforms in spite of being on Solana is an example of this.

Though there have been some temporary decreases, transaction fees on Ethereum dwarf those on Solana. Not to mention that average prices of Solana NFTs are also much more affordable than those on Ethereum. Given these points, we can assume that Solana will continue to be an attractive option for potential NFT buyers. Especially to buyers who are new to the space.

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