Someone paid 450k to be Snoop Dogg’s virtual neighbour


If you could think of some of the coolest people to have land next to in the metaverse. Snoop Dogg would be up there for many people. One Sandbox user spent over $450,000 USD to have the privilege of calling the American rapper their virtual neighbour.

Snoop Dogg Sandbox
Snoop Dogg has been heavily involved in the Sandbox so far, now someone has paid $450k to become his neighbour

About the Sale

A user named P-Ape on the Ethereum-based metaverse, Sandbox purchased one of the three land pieces that were offered in the ‘SnoopVerse’ LAND sale on the platform. Therefore securing a spot next to Snoop’s property on The Sandbox.

P-Ape spent exactly 70,903.8222 SAND (the game’s governance token), which at the time of purchase was just over $458,000 USD to own the token. Snoop Dogg responded to the sale on Twitter by saying: “won’t you be my neighbour” partnered with the staring eyes emoji. Also, he recently Tweeted on the topic, stating: “That’s a bargain”

However, if fans of Snoop’s music want to get in on Sandbox’s SnoopVerse campaign, they don’t need to spend six-figure sums. Other NFTs, including avatars and party passes, can be found, alongside additional information, here.


Snoop Dogg and NFTs

Snoop has been an avid believer in NFTs for some time. He is one of the major artists who are the most public about their support. Yes, we’ve seen Kings of Leon, Torey Lanez and Post Malone among others involved, but Snoop Dogg is on another level. It seems that every second Tweet he publishes is about NFTs in some form.

From his partnership with Russell Simmons to the NFT sitcom with the Harlem Globetrotters, and of course his Sandbox partnership. Snoop has been involved in several projects in the NFT space since his arrival in the space.

Also, his portfolio is strong, owning several Cryptopunks, many 1/1 art pieces from SuperRare and Fidenzas and Squiggles from Artblocks. These just name a few.

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